6 At Home Benefits of Wall Art

Wall art comes in all manner of styles, shapes and sizes. It can be striking, thought provoking. Serene, reposeful. It can serve as the perfect finisher to any room, or the starting point of a grander design aesthetic.

The benefits of a beautiful work of art extend far past simply filling the space. And with our fantastic collection in mind, we’ll be taking you through six reasons why the perfect piece will leave a positive impression on your domestic spaces, on your guests, and on your state of mind.

"Miss Anon" by Esoel_SF

1. It helps to fill the space

We are going to begin, however, with the evident advantage of wall art. It fills a boring space.

Many of us find ourselves surrounded by blank walls. Our new apartment comes in sheer white, and even in traditional homes, wallpaper has long since petered out of fashion.

The advantages of this design philosophy are clear: it’s easier to keep clean and maintain, it looks smart, it doesn’t clash, and it’s cheaper. But with wall art, it doesn’t have to be boring. You can breathe life into those blank walls – into any walls – with a work of art of the right style and size.

Ultimately, any piece of art may help to break up the space. Our prints come in a range of dimensions, fit for areas small or large. Each can be framed with a high-quality black, white, and wood finish available. You can check out our complete collection here.

2. It can add a burst of colour

The benefit of introducing colour is similar to that of filling space, it makes a room more interesting to look at and to be in. Its effective use can have a fruitful impact on the atmosphere of your home.

The general wisdom is to choose something in harmony with the rest of your aesthetic choices. It’s a good idea to establish a colour scheme when starting from the ground up.

But equally, a striking break with colour convention can have an alluring impact, and a single work that uses bold colours can serve as the centrepiece to a room. The works of Jaz Da Artist are a perfect fit for this philosophy – captivatingly colourful and instantly impactful.

Consider the style and subject of the piece as well. Artist Shakoor’s ‘Fragmented Ascendancy’ may be in black and white, but each piece has enough visual information that they are striking all the same.

"Shotglass" by Jaz Da Artist

"High Priestess" by Shaun Beyond

3. It reflects your personality

You’re going to be admiring your new piece of wall art day in, day out – and a large part of that is because it reflects your particular tastes, interests and aspirations. Art will always have an element of subjectivity in regards to how much we enjoy it.

Displaying a piece of art that you love is just another way of expressing yourself. A way of asserting that the space around you is uniquely yours – if only for a little while. You can check out our styles page for some general categories that may align with your particular tastes.

Although we’re going to discuss how art helps to make an impression, we’d argue that this aspect – the fact that it brings you joy to look at – is more valuable than any of the other benefits on this list.

4. It provides a point of inspiration

Unlike the rolling frames of a film or the progressing bars of a song, there is something about a static image which invites deeper consideration. It’s as if the artist has given you all the pieces upfront, and it’s up to you to puzzle together a meaning.

The mental journey that you take is less easily directed by the artist themselves. A lot more emphasis is placed on your subjective experience, on which parts of the image catch your eye. It’s one of the reasons that art is not just beautiful, but intellectually stimulating, helping to provoke and inspire thoughts.

Our abstract designs are excellent for this particular benefit. The ‘Shapes in Context’ collection by Nix714 showcases mind-melding geometric contortions, and artist Paulo’s ‘Mind Gibberish’ series takes human figures and contorts them with colourful, bleeding strokes, putting our bodies and expressions into a new perspective.

5. It can help you to relax

Not every piece of art is intended to provoke – nor should it – sometimes all we need is a tranquil scene and an endearing subject. This is art designed to help you take a break, to cool off, or perhaps motivate you to get out into the great outdoors yourself.

You’ll find some beautiful, relaxing images in our photography section, and in Average CPU’s collection of Impossible Dreams. There’s also plenty of comforting joy in the charmingly unfiltered figures of Dani’s Garden Muses.

6. It can make a great impression

At home, in your own space, your choice of art should absolutely be based on your subjective enjoyment of a piece. That said, a work of art can still help you to make a great impression with guests, as they are able to share in what you find so special about it.

If you’re creating a space where people can come together, a dining room, a living room, a games room, there’s nothing wrong with considering what others might think - though don’t let this get in the way of a piece you truly love.

If you do love a piece of art, but you’re unsure whether its design would work with the rest of your space, it’s also sometimes valuable to get a second opinion.

Final Thoughts

We hope these six benefits have illuminated you as to why a beautiful work of art is always worth having, and that our particular choices have helped to guide you towards making the perfect design decision.

To see our entire collection of works, check out our shop. Each of our designs come from artists we love, and can be realised in posters, canvas prints and unique skateboard deck wall art.

Pick up something for your home, your business - wherever. You’ll be guaranteed to find a piece that you love.

See you soon, stay humble,

All Gods