Cool Work From Home Office Ideas

"Florish" by Average CPU

With many of us working from home, creating a positive work environment is imperative to a productive, creative output. We want our surroundings to motivate, not distract us. But we also want them to be conducive to reflection and thought. A beautiful piece of wall art, the perfect finisher to any space, can help uphold these tenets. Let’s gaze a little deeper!

Your guide to choosing the right office wall art

Choosing the perfect piece – or pieces – of wall art comes down to three principal values.

• Does it match your personality?

• Does it support the expectations, values, or vibe you want your business to convey?

• Does it work in concert with your other design choices?

"Dream Big" by Status ID

Matching with your personality

This first value is the most important for those working from home, for the simple fact that there is no point in buying a piece of wall art that you simply don’t like. It may have a desirable, professional sheen - reflective of your business endeavours – but if it doesn’t bring you joy then it is not worth having.

When we talk about ‘matching your personality’ we don’t mean some abstract image of yourself (as in the one you may project to clients), we’re talking about choosing a piece of art that you actually admire. After all, this is your space, and you’re likely to be spending a lot of time around it.

Ultimately, a piece of wall art that isn’t pleasant or stimulating to look at is going to be distracting. You owe it to yourself to buy something you genuinely love. Find our entire collection of designs here.

Reinforcing the vibe of your business

‘Vibe’ has become a bit of a buzzword, but there are sound reasons for creating an environment that reflects your business’ values and promotes a positive atmosphere. It's in this aspect that the image we’re looking to project to our clients becomes worth considering.

Remember, that even for those working from home this is important: video calls will make your home office, or perhaps bedroom, into a boardroom. Thankfully, this is only temporary.

So think about your business’ values, and let them inform your design choices. Her e are some general ideas:

. For businesses that are sleek, modern – Consider abstract art, as it conveys an inquisitive attitude, and an outside-the-box approach to problem-solving. Look for images that feature clear lines and stark colours, use empty space and employ geometric figures. Our ‘Shapes in Context’ collection by artist Nix714 takes these ideas and runs with them.

"Incomplete" by Nix 714

• For businesses that are dynamic, exciting – Your art should reflect a diversity of thought and style. Choose images that show off contrasts: nature vs industry is a popular choice, reflecting that your business looks towards the future while considering the ideas of the past. Our collection of mind melding designs from artist Average CPU captures this aesthetic. Selecting offbeat subjects, and images that display motion is another way to reinforce this dynamic, progressive attitude, as can be seen in the upbeat urban images of Elena K’s Street Motions collection.

• For businesses that are homely, relatable – Your art should be tranquil, affirming. Landscapes are common subjects, reflecting simple living, the beauty of nature, and a pastoral attitude of communal growth. But equally, modern ideas about individuality, self-love and inner beauty are valuable here. Portraits that reflect these ideas may be equally positive and affirming to look at. Our ‘For Aesthetic Purposes’ collection by artist Esoel_SF puts an emphasis on the human form in a beautifully realised way, as does Dani’s ‘Garden Muses’.

"For Aesthetic Purposes" collection by Esoel_SF

Working with the rest of your space

The positive effects of the above ideas on your office environment may be greatly diminished if your beautiful piece of wall art does not work in concert with the rest of your design choices. Here are some things worth considering to promote harmony within your workspace.

• Colours that fit – Bold colours are beautiful, when used sparingly. Too many may be overstimulating and distracting. You can absolutely make a bold piece of art your centrepiece, so long as its colours complement the rest of your environment, or everything else is muted in comparison. In fact, the latter is an excellent idea for those who turn to art for reflection and intellectual stimulation.

• Consistent theming, or not? – Consider that all important ‘vibe’ here. Keeping a consistent theme is a good general rule, though sometimes it can be effectively broken. A spare piece of modern art next to an ornate, traditional vase may be a clash of style, but in practice the sparseness of one may compliment the richness of the other. The key, then, is to experiment. Something may not work until you try it. Our website neatly divides our visiting artist’s works into collections, so you can ensure a consistent aesthetic sensibility across the board.

How wall art can motivate individuals?

Art obviously has a massive impact on human psychology –otherwise we wouldn’t be constantly creating it. The perfect image can provide, as mentioned above, intellectual stimulation, but we’ve also discussed how it can be relaxing and affirming.

"Never Give Up" by Ben Vici

• Taking a vacation in your mind

– A warm, inviting sun. Pearly, white sands. Shimmering blue waves arrive cyclically with the swaying of palm trees. Art is no substitute for the real thing – but it can undoubtedly help us to relax and clear our head, priming us for a more effective return to the task at hand. You can check out our photographic designs here. Artist Status AD has also contributed with his 'Miscellaneous' collection that’ll help you make that great escape.

• Abstracts as the perfect escape

– Working on a complicated project requires a lot of energy, and sometimes the mind needs a creative reset. Abstracts can provide that thought provoking trip into the imagination that helps us look at something from a different perspective. We have a whole selection of abstract art that you can look through here.

"Ego Death" by Paulo H. Paludetti

"Pink Power" by Onyx Grant

Additional rules for choosing the perfect wall art

Let’s finish our guide with some simple, additional rules for choosing the perfect piece of wall art.

• Don’t overdo it Wall art may be a beautiful space finisher, but much positive space can be overstimulating, so use it purposefully, and sparingly.

• Consider the lighting of your workspace – Though your wall art may look perfect online, remember that the lighting of your environment will always subtly change how it appears in reality.

• Choose quality frames that complement the piece – Even the most refined piece of wall art may appear tacky if not framed properly. Opt for a high quality frame in which the colour and materials compliment the rest of the space. Our frames come in black, white, and classic wood finish.

• Ask others for feedback – The best way to assess whether your wall art is having the intended effect is by simply asking the people around you. This is just as important at home as it is in the office. Check out our best sellers to see what’s popular with other wall art enthusiasts.

Parting thoughts

With that we’ve arrived at the end of our guide. We hope we’ve provided you with the advice and ideas needed to make the perfect choice.

To see our stunning wall art, you can visit our shop, or browse ‘collections’ for a selection of complimentary designs created by our dynamic artists.

As part of our mission, we also make regular donations to non-profits and people in need around the world. When you purchase art from us, you’re helping our global community to be happier, safer and more fruitful.

Stay Positive,

All Gods